28. maí 2015

Coming up - NBC 2016 in Finland

Nordic Biogas Conference 2016 will be held in Finland the 7th - 10th of September 2016. More information later. More

11. september 2014

Participants list is being sent out

The participants list is being sent out to all participants this week. The organizing committee would like to thank all sponsors, speakers, exhibitors and participants for attending the conference and making it a good and informative conference.  We hope that you all enjoyed our event and our beautiful country. We have posted some pictures on NBC's facebook page. More

28. ágúst 2014

Presentation slides on the website

The presentation slides will be oploaded on the website the next few days. The links can be found in the program. More

25. ágúst 2014

No signs of ongo­ing erupti­on

The Icelandic civil protecti­on says th­ere are no signs of ongo­ing erupti­on in the north-western reg­i­on of the Vatna­jök­ull ice-cap. The Icelandic Meteorological Office has today decided to move the aviati­on col­or-code from red to orange af­ter observati­ons showed that a sub-glacial erupti­on did not occ­ur yester­day. No flig­ht disrupti­on is expected at this stage.  "We would like to advise our passengers that Icelanda­ir does not anticipa­te any flig­ht disrupti­ons at this stag... More

21. ágúst 2014

Program for technical tours

Conference guests should choose one of the following excursions at the first conference day at the registration desk: Excursion 1: -Álfsnes Landfill site and Biogas Upgrading Plant -The Geothermal Energy Exhibition at Hellisheiði Power Plant -A short bus tour around the area at Hellisheiði Departure from the Hilton Hotel is at 8.00 and estimated return to the hotel is at 13.30. Lunch will be provided.   Excursion 2: -The Geothermal Energy Exhibition at Hellisheiði Power Plant -Á... More

21. ágúst 2014

Conference Dinner at Harpa

We are happy to announce that the conference dinner on the first conference day will be held at Harpa, the new Concert hall and Conference Center by the old harbor.  Harpa is a unique landmark in the city center and has won the World Architecture Award. The award is decided by the nominations of some 250 architects, university professors, critics and editors of architecture industry publications. Harpa was chosen one of the best concert halls of the new millennium by the prestigious music maga... More

21. ágúst 2014

New speaker at NBC

Lorie Hamelin from the University of Southern Denmark is a new speaker at NBC stepping in for Jenny Cerruto from Sweden.  The title of Lories presentation is Boosting manure-biogas through external carbon inputs: environmental consequences and system perspectives on how to prioritize the biomass resources. We welcome Lorie to NBC 2014. More

20. ágúst 2014

New speaker from Denmark

Rasmus Munch Sørensen from Energinet in Denmark is a new speaker at NBC stepping in for Jenifer Fulton from Germany.  The title of mr. Sørensens presentation is Biogas in the future integrated energy system. We welcome Mr. Sørensen to NBC 2014. More

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